Dungeons and Dragons – E16 – I Can Basilisk Myself, Thank You Very Much

With a new companion in hand, the party saunters off towards the Feywild, only to find themselves in a cave of basilisks.  Looks like them Lost Dwarves boys are in for a heap o’ trouble.

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Dungeons and Dragons – E15 – Gnomes are Tasty Elle Oh Elle

So sorry, listeners, the audio for Ep 15 has been lost to the annals of time.  The party fell from the quarry in Neptune to the Underdark, where they find themselves on King’s Highway, the primary road leading from the Natural world to the Feywild.  They meet Gwent, Tiefling Warlock, who gets them into a sticky situation where the party is ambushed by a team of assassins that Gwent Hentai’s to death.  In THIS episode, the party encounters the zombie farmland of Pate, lead by Osty’r a Necromatic Wizard.  Osty’r offers a wish to the Lost Dwarves gang for helping defeat a failed experiment of his.  What shenanigans will follow?  Listen to find out!



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Dungeons and Dragons – E14 – Filburt Enters the Battle

Still investigating Neptune, trying to get their greedy hands on some abyssal stone, the party now has to account for a missing member!  Where could that pesky rogue be?  There’s puzzles, there’s intrigue, there’s danger, there’s also a dragon turtle!