Dungeons and Dragons – E07 – Welcome to Camp Wuss

Badger makes a new friend who loves nothing more than to pilfer and plunder everyone and everything he finds.  As the party treks towards the home of the Rock Mountain Clan, they are ambushed by a troupe of seemingly incompetitent hoodlums and shenanigans ensue!

Epic dice tower

 KJ made an epic dice tower with my monstrous d20! 

Dungeons and Dragons – E05 – “I can haz sidequezts?”


The party wanders around Waeldstone discovering all the opportunities to help the people.  Badger gets one step closer to his dream of mounting a goliath, and the party helps free the Einstein of ogres at the Museum of Curious.  Also, what the hell is up with that mine in Black Water they completely overlooked?

Here’s to the future

Welcome to the beginning of the end, the Geekacolypse is here bringing you the entertainment you need for all your geeky selves!