Dungeons and Dragons – E16 – I Can Basilisk Myself, Thank You Very Much

With a new companion in hand, the party saunters off towards the Feywild, only to find themselves in a cave of basilisks.  Looks like them Lost Dwarves boys are in for a heap o’ trouble.

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Dungeons and Dragons – E12 – Everything’s Better Down Where it’s Wetter

In a setting that is definitely NOT Rapture from Bioshock, the party adventures to the Dwarven mining colony of Neptune, and when they arrive, the discover something is very, very wrong.  Is it a smoke monster?  Is it vampires?  Is it Splicers vs. Big Daddies?  Definitely not the last one, that’s just silly.

Dungeons and Dragons – E04 – “DTFF and Red Stag”


The party is attacked by an assassin after leaving Black Water, making quick work of him, the party finally makes it to Waeldstone, the bustling metropolis.  Discovering the home of Gentry Bates, the richest man in the kingdom, their hopes are lifted when they find out that it’s a good possibility that the ring Badger holds belongs to him.  Oh, and Badger totally almost closes the deal on a blond drow barmaid, that happened